Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima, In Op-Ed, Argues For Resource Conservation, Money Conservation And Local Water Supplies

Waukesha's embattled Mayor makes his case in the Journal Sentinel's Sunday Crossroads section that the Lake Michigan diversion option has been designated Waukesha's water supply solution from on high without adequate study, data disclosure or justification.

Interesting reading.

"...a comprehensive solution that allows us to live within our means, protect our environment and pocketbooks..."

Why, that's downright reasonable, aina.

Maybe this is what conservatism looks like, in full?

Here is another of his op-eds, this one from the Freeman.

We learn something when we read Scrima unfiltered.

After the predictable flurry of comments from pro-diversion forces dies down, let's see what the Wisconsin DNR has to say in response to a letter it received from Scrima after the agency shelved the application.

Seems the DNR has a lot of problems with the application, too, and there are seven more states also to review it - - if the DNR chooses to move it along.

Which is a big "if" at this point.

Some background, here.


PurpleAvenger said...

That may be, and are all good ideas. Not so good is that he's continuing to push the anti-Milwaukee rhetoric - one that frankly has implicit racial connotations.

James Rowen said...

I agree with this comment. I criticized his rhetoric when it surfaced in the campaign. I hope this part of his politcking disappears and fast.