Saturday, July 31, 2010

LA Rediscovering Transit

Californians were among those duped by GM, Firestone and Standard Oil to rip out its trolleys in favor of buses, but LA is moving forward with modern rail transit.


Peter said...

They're still being duped -- the Orangle Line buses are the modern version of replacing rail with bus. In that particular case, it was using buses to prevent what should have been a rail corridor.

Same all over the US.

Allie Cat said...


The state and county ordinances pertaining to the Orange Line corridor were written to essentially block any rail on that corridor- they required a deep-bore subway, which would cost way too much for the ridership it would gather. The Orange Line busway isn't ideal, but it was a political compromise to get something approaching quality transit on that route. It was proposed not because a group wanted to block rail, but because rail wasn't an option.

James Rowen said...

I see the making of a documentary film here: Who killed US city rail, and its revival. There is an ample court record on the conspiracy charges and Cong. Wright Patman had his committee do a huge study a few decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Simple economics and what the majority of people want for transportation is what has and does kill rail.

You choo-choo fanatics are just too stupid to realize that.