Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Self-Defeating Donation From The MMAC

For a Milwaukee-based group, the MMAC sure picks a strange way to behave.

Donating to a group ripping Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett?

Hat tip: Xoff.


Anonymous said...

Certainly BP dumping millions of gallons of Oil in the Gulf is worthy of public scrutiny.

How about the idiot mayor who controls MMSD dumping billions of gallons of crap into Lake Michigan?

Bring in the money and put this light-weight status-quo mayor out of our misery.

Barrett has never had a unique thought or proposal in his life.

Just sit back and let it happen - that's your boy.

James Rowen said...

Setting aside the fiction that Barrett dumped anything in the Lake, let's ask these questions:

The Deep Tunnel and its expansions have cost billions: are you prepared to spend as much or more separating the storm sewers from the sanitary sewers in Milwaukee and Shorewood?

And would you prefer that the overflows go into basements?

Do you have facts or ideas?