Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nice NY Times Piece About Cycling In Madison

Losing out an Olympic venue when Chicago's bid for The Games was tossed hasn't slowed down biking activity in and around Madison, says The New York Times.


Anonymous said...

Thank God the Wisconsin taxpayers didn't have to foot the bill to pay to make this stupid extended event happen.

The best thing that happened to Wisconsin in the past year was finding out that we didn't have to bother with this worthless event.

Anonymous said...

So did you expect biking activity in Madison to drop as a result of Chicago losing the 2016 Olympic bid?

Not sure about the logic of that.

And it was a god send that Chicago did not win that boondoggle as it would have cost us billions more in tax-dollars we do not have.

The priceless expressions on the faces of the people gathered in Chicago was the icing on the cake.