Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can Michigan Pipeline Spill Be Kept Out Of Lake Michigan?

The Kalamazoo River is drenched in oil from a ruptured pipeline; can it be kept out of Lake Michigan?

Imagine how serious that would be, and the threat is real.

Should we be surprised? The region is criss-crossed with pipelines, a refinery in Superior on wetlands near The Big Lake still may expand six-fold, and the company responsible for this spill has done it before.

Right here.

There's a real need for greater awareness about the Great Lakes' vulnerability to damage from oil refining and piping.

Here is the history of a cleanup of a creek and inlet near the Murphy Oil refinery in Superior.

Here's updated information from The New York Times about warnings to the company about pipeline corrosion.

And for Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Ron Johnson, who supported oil drilling in the Great Lakes before he tap-danced backwards and said he didn't - - suddenly spills in the Great Lakes ain't quite so theoretical.


xoff said...

I suspect Ron Johnson would say the government shouldn't interfere, but let nature takes its course. We have to spill the oil where it is.

James Rowen said...

In a truly free market, the oil can go where it wants.

Anonymous said...

The jumping carp in the Illinois River represents are far, far more serious problem to the Great Lakes than the oil in the Kalamazoo River. Stop being hysterical.