Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talker's Puff Piece: Big Helping Of Self-Parody

Talk radio serves up another hefty portion of contradiction.

Afternoon host Jeff Wagner at AM 620 WTMJ radio has recently disclosed that he has lost weight on a successful diet.

To which I say, "Bravo."

So it struck me as a little odd today that he announced a contest in which the station will give away 600 six-packs of State Fair cream puffs.

Those are the All-Wisconsin dairy food products that have more cholesterol each, and a higher percentage of calories from fat, than a McDonald's Big Mac.

Cream puff information, here.

Big Mac, here.

The bit was dragged down from the get-go by conservaatice political correctness: Wagner teed it up with a context-free gripe about the Nanny State, a land of righty Make Believe where people are pressured to make healthy choices.

Like what- - Dieting?


enoughalready said...

I cannot listen to Jeff Wagner. Does he realize he is talking to adults?

Anonymous said...

If you want to hear every knee-jerk, right wing talk radio cliche in the book, he's your man.