Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waukesha Water Utility Manager Interview; And Some Questions

Interesting interview.

The utility is not growing as fast as it had been, given the bad economy, so with relatively fewer new customers being hooked up, is there really the need to apply for as much diverted Lake Michigan water as the city's diversion application seeks?

(Current av. daily use: 6.9 million gallons. Projected av. daily use to 2035, 10.9 million. Maximum possible projected use, 18.5 million. gallons.)

So will there be the rate-paying customer base to support the expansion of the system - - including sending water out of the current service territory to parts of Genesee, Pewaukee and the Town of Waukesha?

Just wondering...

Another thought: utility manager Daniel Duchniak says a major issue in his community is the need to replace deteriorating infrastructure - - certainly a problem not unique to Waukesha - - but it's not going as quickly as hoped.

But if the City switches to a new supply, doesn't that water come with different chemistry that could also effect Waukesha's infrastructure?

Creating new maintenance costs?

Yes? No?

Just wondering.

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