Friday, August 22, 2014

How You Know Sentiment Against WI Mega-Dairies Is Growing

When a GOP state legislator joins his Democratic rival in opposition.
Rep. Scott Krug, R-Rome, issued both a statement and letter to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Thursday, asking it to the deny the high-capacity well permits currently under consideration for a proposed large-scale dairy in Saratoga.
Context, and more, here

Thursday, August 21, 2014

D'oh! More Doe Documents Coming; Look For Walker Distraction

Looks like the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago is opting for more of that transparency that Scott Walker hates, so look for some sort of Walker denial-by-distraction to throw everyone off the scent.

When Doe documents were in play for release in mid-July, Walker suddenly came out with all the depth and sincerity a one-sentence news release could muster against Common Core, the consensus educational standards that were OK with even State Senate Majority Leader and fully-credentialed Right Wing Leader-Type Scott Fitzgerald, so Wrong-Way Walker could pull another rabbit out of his cheesehead.

Shiny objects' alert: Stay tuned... 

Belling On Vacation, No Change In Program Quality

Station management official Jerry Bott is filling in admirably for a vacationing Mark Belling this afternoon on AM 1130 WISN radio. He told his audience a few minutes ago that the US should fight ISIS, but he'd prefer we do it in Iraq than "in the streets of downtown Chicago."

The blog index, upper left corner, finds some earlier Jerry Bott bon mots. A sample.

Rick Perry Stumbles Away From Indictment News...

His absurd grab for a headline about the US-Mexico border only affirms his superficial, Tea Party pandering:

Rick Perry: ISIS may already be in the U.S.
Also: advice to his handlers. Never let the words "mission" and "creep" pass his lips. It's a little like Scott Walker using 'I' and 'shadowy' in the same sentence.

Measuring Depth Of US West Drought, Climate Change Effect

I'd say 63 trillion gallons of lost groundwater should get everyone's attention: 
The ongoing drought in the western United States has caused so much loss of groundwater that the Earth, on average, has lifted up about 0.16 inches over the last 18 months, according to a new study...
Researchers from UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the groundwater loss from the start of 2013 to be 63 trillion gallons — the equivalent of flooding four inches of water across the United States west of the Rocky Mountains.
And to add insult to injury:
That’s also about how much ice is lost from the Greenland ice cap every year from global warming.

What? Didn't Obama Wreck The Economy?

And, by the way, doesn't this undercut all those radio and TV infomercials about 'lock-in-now, rates are heading up...'
Mortgage rates fall to lowest point this year

Walker Steps Out Of The Shadows To Complain

[Updated, 11:59 a.m.] The Governor with the legal defense fund who's benefited from a torrent of third-party money, fought the disclosure of emails and other records, had his campaign staff order County employees to gratuitously spin tragedies including the death of a boy in a garage concrete slab collapse and a mental patient through starvation, who hired County employees who set up a secret communications system in his office suite to facilitate anonymous Internet comments, illegal fund-raising, and forbidden campaigning, who now won't release details of his schedule and whereabouts and who cooks and twists and flat-out falsifies statements, data and facts - - this Governor takes umbrage at what he calls "shadowy" behavior by others?


We further note that Walker and his talk from and of the shadows has moved from the politics of finger-pointing to the psychology of projection - - both evasions of responsibility and failures of awareness.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bucky Goes Rambo

Great site let's you track all the ammo, night vision goggles, armored vehicles, grenade launchers, aircraft, dirt bikes, M-16's and additional surplus battlefield toys the Defense Department's garage sale specialists have handed out to local Wisconsin cops and the DNR.

My personal favorite:
Juneau County, population 26,631, has a sheriff's department that acquired nearly $3 million in equipment since 2004, the most of any police force statewide.

Mike Ditka Is Daniel Snyder's New Best Friend

Daniel Synder gets the help he deserves:
What’s all the stink over the R[...] name? It’s so much [expletive] it’s incredible. We’re going to let the liberals of the world run this world. It was said out of reverence, out of pride to the American Indian. Even though it was called a R[...], what are you going to call them, a Brownskin? This is so stupid it’s appalling, and I hope that owner keeps fighting for it and never changes it, because the R[...]s are part of an American football history, and it should never be anything but the Washington R[...]s. That’s the way it is.”

Tim Sheehy's Greatest Challenge

The long-time head of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce has to convince Republican/Tea Party electeds like Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald, Robin Vos, Alberta Darling and a slew of city opponents out-state that some public financing is needed to keep The Milwaukee Bucks - - a major Wisconsin and regional asset - - in downtown Milwaukee.

Talk about having a tiger by the tail.

Milwaukee Expanding Solar Options...

.......Just as state utilities with their monopoly territories and powers want Walker's big-business friendly, fossil-fuel loving PSC to punish solar customers' installations with exorbitant fees.

Good for Barrett. An energy-saving, air-cleansing education move.

NY Times Notes KC Downtown Development--Light Rail Combo

This dynamic downtown growth synergy in Kansas City built around light rail has been denied to Milwaukee by anti-urban, right-wing GOP politicians and conservative power-brokers who are led by Scott Walker, financed by the Bradley Foundation and promoted by suburbanite Journal Broadcast talk radio propagandists.

Here is the list Milwaukee is barred by right-wing politicking from joining:
Planned Light Rail Systems
The bigger, pro-highway ugly picture and suburban spending bias at the expense of cities (read: Milwaukee) in Wisconsin these days bars Amtrak, commuter rail.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Journal Sentinel Rips Walker Medicaid Funding FUBAR

The Journal Sentinel, in a very strong condemnation, says online tonight for tomorrow's editorial page that Gov. Walker's refusal of federal Medicaid funding was wrongly "[D]driven by ideology and Republican politics..."
Gov. Scott Walker likes to brag about how much he has saved Wisconsin taxpayers during his first term in office, but here's something those taxpayers should know: Walker has cost them millions of dollars by refusing to fully expand the state's primary health care program for the poor under the Affordable Care Act.
Wisconsin would have saved $206 million over two years if the Walker administration had chosen to accept a full expansion of federal funding for BadgerCare, according to a new nonpartisan report. The state could have saved more than $500 million over 31/2 years, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates, and about 87,000 more adults a month would have been served under BadgerCare Plus...
Walker's decision to reject the additional federal money and forswear a state-run Obamacare exchange (another mistake) came as Republicans pressed their case against the Affordable Care Act nationwide. It was another example of this governor's penchant for sacrificing good policy on the altar of expedient politics.
*  A year and a half, I wrote:
Under Walker's Medicaid 'Policy,' Distance From Obama Is Priority #1
*  In April, I'd praised Washington, DC-based columnist Bill Kaplan for his trenchant analysis of Walker's terrible move. Wrote Kaplan:
Walker's "plan" is throwing nearly 80,000 Wisconsinites off Medicaid, and with the help of a letter and a phone call, telling them to find their way to the federal exchange. Many will enroll and be eligible for ACA federal tax credits, thanks to the heroic efforts of groups like the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. But Sen. Baldwin rightly said rejecting federal Medicaid funds will result in higher state spending, burden the poor with out-of-pocket costs, many of whom will fall between the cracks, risking worse health outcomes...  
When Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich expanded Medicaid he got emotional talking about helping the disabled, poor and sick. Not Walker. It's all about his political ambitions and pleasing the Tea Party. Wisconsin is being left behind in the dust.  
 *  I'd added Wrong-Way Walker's callous disregard for the health of thousands of the poorest residents of our state to a summary piece I reposted Saturday as a continuing update that archives the worst of his most-damaging decisions:
If you are a low-income wage earner making just above the poverty line, Walker made things more difficult for you by turning down no-cost federal funding to help maintain your BadgerCare health insurance. 
Walker told you and about 80,000 others in Wisconsin, 'Hey, you're free to find new doctors and perhaps a more costly program via the federal website.' 
And tough luck if you fall between the cracks or into ill health while chasing after care like you already had.
*  On Sunday, I wrote about his fake, damaging fiscal conservatism:
If he was your accountant, you'd fire him. 
If he's the Governor, you defeat him over scandalous ideological behavior that has kept poor people at risk without medical care and sabotaged the state's finances: 
*  This morning, I'd added about this:
...his message is continually misleading, since in what universe do... "right direction" and "37th place" in job creation work together? 
Or "fiscal conservatism" and "$500 million" lost?

Petition Warns Against Penokee Hills As Radioactive Dump Site

A reader asks that I post this, and I am glad to to do so. It expands the conversation and raises more awareness about the proposed iron mine's likely damage to the Lake Superior and Bad River watersheds which native tribes are working hard to prevent.

RESCIND ACT 1—a PETITION for PROTECTIONS from mining, nuclear waste & property confiscation

Petition Background (Preamble):

This petition is about alerting Wisconsin, the USA, and global citizens to the dangers of mining WI, and radioactive waste export/import. "WI 2013 ACT 1" mining law 'legally' sets Wisconsin up to become a mining waste land—and an international nuclear waste dump! The proposed Penokee mine (near Native American wild rice and wetland-shores of Lake Superior) would unleash ongoing poisoning from heavy-metal/acid-release and radioactive contamination. 

Breaking WI News: Scott Walker Creates Six Jobs, Accurately Counts Them.

Stop the presses. True news. After four years of broken, failed and unattainable promises, Scott Walker has done the unthinkable.

Get him a PolitiFact Lifetime Credibility Gold Star First-Prize Award.

For Walker, The Plan Is Delay, Delay, Delay

He's put an announcement about the Kenosha casino on hold through November, so losers in the decision can't retaliate at the ballot box.

There certainly will be no Waukesha water diversion decision, let alone substantive action before November.

And his pals at the Wisconsin Club for Growth are fighting to keep John Doe records secret, and that works to Walker's advantage.

The goal is to prevent fresh fires or scandals from breaking out so he can minimize dissatisfaction while keeping his messages simple.

And collect checks from all sides.

Though his message is continually misleading, since in what universe do "right direction" and "37th place" in job creation work together?

Or "fiscal conservatism" and "$500 million" lost?

Another WI Bear Hound Thrown To Wolves

The hounding hunters won't listen, and why should they, since the Wisconsin DNR will pay them $2,500 for their loss. When will they all ever learn? Cruelty is cruelty, and rotten public policy is rotten public policy - - proven in Monday's email alert from the agency:

Bear Hound killed in Price County

On August 17, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed an 11 year old Black and Tan bear hound. The attack occurred in the Town of Emery, Price County. More information and a caution area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.
Hunters are reminded to use the caution area maps on the DNR website (, keyword "wolf management") to help reduce conflicts during this year's bear dog training and hunting season.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Racine Fecal Spill Would Net 1 Cent DNR Fine

You may remember that the WI DNR recently fined a Marathon County dairy farmer $464 for a 1,000,000 gallon liquid manure spill.
Now we hear about a mysterious spill of an unspecified volume of  human feces across I-94 in Racine County,  perhaps from a leaky Rv or portable toilet.
Details are scarce, and this is probably a matter of local or state transportation department  investigation and enforcement,  but if the DNR standard were applied, and the spill were 20 gallons, the freeway stainer would be hit with a penny ticket, yes?

Math majors, others?

News In Freeman's Waukesha Water Diversion Update

I don't have a working link, but I will pull out a few interesting things from a Freeman piece from Saturday the 16th about the city's stalled Lake Michigan water diversion application - - a stall that is now into its 53rd month, with its credibility eroding daily because Waukesha officials have repeatedly set deadlines on reviews and other actions that evaporate without any consequence.

Here is a summary of the delays and related matters from multiple posts and news stories, for your files.

Back to the Freeman story:

*  For one thing, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak acknowledged that water levels are rising in the main deep underground supply that the city wants to replace with the diversion.

That is a point raised recently by the Michigan-based science and journalism website Circle of Blue and it raised fundamental questions about the application's data and overall need.

Duchniak said the Circle of Blue was not taking the proper, longer view, but he did not argue the data's accuracy.

For another thing, the DNR is taking that water level data into consideration and is projecting further application delays - - again undercutting Waukesha's years of setting deadlines that are allowed to come and go.
Jill Jones, director of the DNR’s Bureau of Drinking/ Groundwater, said the department is not prepared to make any conclusions regarding the recent water level increase.

“We are aware of the rising water levels in the aquifer,” she said. “We are including this in the present review — the technical review — we are completing right now on Waukesha’s application.”

Jones said that review would likely not be completed for several months.

Data Show, Again, Why Milwaukee County Is Bad SEWRPC Fit

The new interactive map here shows the economic dissonance between Milwaukee County (a divide even deeper if you remove the upper-income 'burbs like River Hills, Whitefish Bay, etc., from the picture) and the richer counties which rule the roost at SEWRPC, like Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee Counties.

When SEWRPC green-lights more freeway [Sic] expansion as transit connections are blocked by Waukesha governments and state funding cutbacks, which constituencies do you think SEWRPC and the state's development resources and powers are serving?

An Interesting Take On DNR Wrist-Slap To Massive Polluter

I'd noted the other day that the Wisconsin DNR fined an independent, small-operator farmer only $464 for a million-gallon manure spill into Wisconsin waterways.

A thoughtful reader who knows a lot about farming and the environment sent me an observation during an email back-and-forth about some enforcement and deterrence and some options that I am pleased to pass on, with permission:
I suggest that instead of tax breaks and subsidies for CAFOs and other large farming operations we provide healthcare and a guaranteed minimum income for the little farmers. They create jobs and wealth as small businesses. That might give them some help anyway. Everyone seems to want small farmers instead of CAFOs but we don't provide them with real support. 
The deterrent in this case will be that the farmer has to pay for the clean up which will most likely put him out of business.

Ferguson Crisis Validates Officer Residency

If Ferguson PD recruited locally guided by Affirmative Action and Equal Protection, it would not find itself rated as a useless, harmful occupier.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Walker's Medicaid $$ Rejection Costing WI $500+ Million

If he was your accountant, you'd fire him.

If he's the Governor, you defeat him over scandalous ideological behavior that has kept poor people at risk without medical care and sabotaged the state's finances: 
Madison — Wisconsin taxpayers would have saved $206 million over two years — 73% more than previously estimated — if officials had fully expanded its main health care program for the poor under the federal Affordable Care Act, a new nonpartisan report shows.
If officials decide to change course and expand the program in the next state budget, state taxpayers would save another $261 million to $315 million through June 2017, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau... 
In all, the state could have saved more than $500 million over 31/2 years, the report shows. That would have allowed Gov. Scott Walker and legislators to put more money toward schools or roads or cut taxes more deeply than they did over the last year. 
In addition to saving state funds, the full expansion would have served an estimated 87,000 more adults each month under BadgerCare Plus, according to the fiscal bureau.

WI Utilities At War With Solar Customers

Wrong messages about fossil fuel conservation, cleaner air and up-to-date thinking?

Add state utilities plans to sock it to solar and other customers to the State of Wisconsin's disinterest in renewable elegy production.

So many of the state's official actions these days under Wrong-Way Walker - - from promoting concealed and open gun carry, to defunding local transit and killing inter-city Amtrak to trivializing women's health concerns to dismissing long-standing environmental principles - - tell young people, students, graduates, urban professionals and possible returnees from out-of-state:

Don't bother coming or staying: we're a backwater now.

St. Louis-Area Segregation Reminiscent Of Milwaukee Region

Can't help but seeing a lot of the Milwaukee region - - white flight, the special "Oak Creek" state law forbidding additional Milwaukee annexations, a legacy of housing discrimination in the 'burbs, continuing transit disconnects and apartheid-style zoning barriers - - in the mess that is on full display in the St. Louis/Ferguson, MO history and current tragedy.

This fact has been cited repeatedly: Ferguson has 53 police officers, of whom only three are African-American.

But don't get on too high a horse, Milwaukee region.

Remember the ugly incident a few years ago when two white volunteer firefighters ran an African-American man off a fishing spot in Waukesha County - - confronting him with a German Shepherd and a gun?

Data published later showed that among all 600 firefighters in the Milwaukee suburbs, only one was African-American, and a new hire, at that.

Rick Perry's Anger Is Understandable, By Scott

You can see why Rick Per1ry is so irked at being indicted.

After all, he was open about what he was going to do to that DA in Travis County, Texas. He said he'd veto a big part of her budget if she didn't quit, and he did just that.

Give him credit for transparency

But there are three things about PerryGate that surely strike him as unfair.

1. Fellow GOP Governor and presidential wannabe Scott Walker has gotten away without charges though secret political work and fund-raising by his staff on public time was going on right under his nose in his County Executive office suite, and also no charges have been filed --  so far - - over secret campaign coordination while Governor with outside groups that prosecutors were zeroing in on until a sympathetic judge suspended the investigation.

2. And there's Chris Christie, yet another fellow GOP Governor and presidential wannabee. He's out there talking up Walker and goofing around on late night TV as if there weren't accusations about secret pay-back political plots being hatched by his staff.

3.  I can't think of the third one. Oops.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Three Things I Like About Craig Gilbert's Grothman Story

*  First of all, I was glad to see the Sunday Journal Sentinel and Craig Gilbert focusing on Tea Party Congressional candidate Glenn Grothman's radical eccentricities.

*  The more references to Grothman as Michele Bachmann-in-waiting, the better:
Because Grothman “may be Wisconsin’s answer to Michele Bachmann, and GOP operatives’ worst nightmare,” [Cook report writer David]  Wasserman wrote this summer in handicapping the race. The 59-year-old lawmaker is arguably the most outspoken conservative in the Wisconsin Senate. And he is outspoken on the kinds of social issues — lifestyle and culture, abortion, gay marriage — that most Republicans are trying to avoid these days for fear of alienating moderates, women and younger voters.
Grothman has attacked Kwanzaa as an “inept attempt to create a holiday for African-Americans” and urged people to treat it “with the contempt it deserves.” He introduced a bill requiring a state board to list single parenthood as a contributor to child abuse. He has argued that excessive welfare benefits are destroying the family and putting the nation on a path to “suicide.” He says the government is conducting a “war on men” by encouraging companies to promote women ahead of them.
Noted here, and here, too.

*  And props for getting "demonize-able" past copy editors and into print. Though the usage originated in a source's quote, it shows up twice.

Jeez. I'm the guy who lost a fight at the copy desk over "angst."

Maybe as the campaign regresses we'll see the candidate described as "Bachmann-able," and more issues "Grothmanized."

Burke In The WI Campaign Doldrums? Hardly

Enough with the false equivalencies, Journal Sentinel headline writer: 
Walker, Burke try to drum up support amid August doldrums
Walker has had a dead-in-the-water WEDC/John Doe documents'/multiple advertising FUBAR's/stagnant polling summer, while Burke has wind in her sails, as noticed by national media, like TIME:
As Scott Walker Falls, His Democratic Challenger Continues to Rise

The Disrespected, Manipulated Wisconsin Electorate

[Reposted, with multiple updates, fresh links and new topics over the last three weeks.]

There has never been a Wisconsin Governor in our memories prior to Wrong Way Walker who so widely disrespected the time, resources and basic interests of so many Wisconsinites, particularly the state's lower-income residents, just to advance his own political career.

Conflationists can claim until the cows come home that every Wisconsin Governor has behaved this one-dimensionally, opportunistically, selfishly, coldly.

But I defy anyone to find in the ten previous administrations  - - split about evenly between five Democrats, and Republicans: Nelson, Reynolds, Knowles, Lucey, Schreiber, Dreyfus, Earl, Thompson, McCallum and Doyle  - - and that covers roughly the almost half-century I have spent here - - examples and patterns comparable to Walker's self-interested, game-playing, documented false-speaking and overall manipulative arrogance at the expense of so many other people:

*  If you are among the 600 workers at a slaughterhouse at Cargill in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley, the Walker administration allowed the company to close the plant on 48 hours notice and did not hold the company to the in a long-standing state law that requires 60-days public notice be given to workers, the City and other interested parties.

*  If you are a low-income Wisconsin homeowner and/or low-income wage-earner, Walker's first budget raised your taxes, despite his denials designed to put forward an ideological fiction that he was a tax-cutter only.

*  That budget also cut low-income families' Welfare-to-Work (W-2) $20 a month, just to get poor people more motivated to find work, as I wrote, citing Walker's budget language, in early 2011:
It's right there in the budget, on page 65, in the "Health and Human Services" section (really): "To further encourage W-2 recipients to recognize that the goal of W-2 is for participants to secure unsubsidized employment, reduce the monthly benefit check by $20." 
*  If you are a low-income woman using one of several Planned Parenthood clinics around the state which Walker's budget shut down, then feel free drive or hitch yourself a ride since you've got nothing better to do with your time to another county or part of the state. That was done so Walker could please his important Right-to-Life constituency.

* If you were a lower-income higher ed student denied state aid for which you quality, you joined 41,000 fellow students without the means to continue your schooling, the Cap Times reports, joining students with student debt which GOP leaders will not allow to be refinanced and Veterans facing aid cuts, too.

*  If you are a low-income wage earner making just above the poverty line, Walker made things more difficult for you by turning down no-cost federal funding to help maintain your BadgerCare health insurance.

Walker told you and about 80,000 others in Wisconsin, 'Hey, you're free to find new doctors and perhaps a more costly program via the federal website.'

And tough luck if you fall between the cracks or into ill health while chasing after care like you already had.

That middle-finger pointed your way was to let Walker burnish his preposterous Presidential ambitions and suck up to big, right-wing donors.

*  If you have asthma, heart, lung or breathing problems - - or would just like your kids to be able to breath cleaner air - - Walker did have your interests in mind when he failed to direct his agencies to write and enforce a mandatory clean air plan, so the Feds stepped in Friday, August 8th and said the US EPA would do it. 

*  If you are a student, or live in Milwaukee's central city without a driver's license - - and not coincidentally both are low-income groups, again - - Walker knows you will be inconvenienced by having to obtain the special, mandatory Voter ID provided at state DMV offices with reduced hours so you can exercise your Constitutional right to vote.

Which is the goal - - to discourage urban, young and Democratic-leaning voter turnout with a wink towards an anti-Milwaukee suburban and SE Wisconsin exurban GOP electorate.

*  If you gay or lesbian, and the federal courts say you have the right to marry and share in a host of equal property and legal rights already enjoyed by straight citizens, Walker and Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen are demanding that the state's ability to deny you those rights and to discriminate against you be restored.

*  Expect a mocking if you are a parent of Walworth, WI elementary school age children, and you want the state transportation department to listen and react to your worries about a highway expansion within less than 60 feet of the school.

*  And if you are a member of one of Wisconsin's Native American Ojibwe bands, Walker has several special sticks-in-the-eye for you.

The wolves which are part of your spiritual heritage are now being hunted, hounded, shot, trapped and otherwise literally dogged and harassed regardless of your opposition and beliefs.

That's to please his conservative, NRA-subscribing base, to which he gave a bonus: The $100 wolf kill license was cut in his most recent budget to $49 - - a blood red, blue light special.

Even wild animals are not exempt from Walker's political calculations.

And for the Bad River Ojibwe Band, he's got an especially nasty twist of social engineering headed your way:

Walker proposes leveling your sacred Penokee Hills and fouling your essential wild rice growing waters with open-pit iron ore mine fill for 35 years, along with acid runoff let loose by an out-of-state coal mining firm whose executives are major Walker donors.

His disregard for the environment and Ojibwe culture was the subject of a major feature piece in The New York Times, though his own Department of Tourism in something of a telling mixed message has been touting the unspoiled area's hiking and camping opportunities. 

Walker has rhetorically crafted the mine into a big potential job creator to appeal to Up North residents in economically depressed counties - - while knowing full well that most of the better jobs if the mine ever opens will go to out-of-state speciality workers already on call or working for the mining company in other states.

Walker also knows that any mine permits and approvals are problematic, at best - -  in part because the mining law he pushed through the Legislature is incompatible with current Federal water review requirements, not to mention Federal treaties with the Bad River Band. So years of delay and even outright veto and defeat for the mine are quite likely - - by which time Walker would have already extracted the political capital he needed from the issue.

And it is not an accident that so many of the people and groups which Walker and his legislative allies have targeted are low-income or minority Wisconsinites - - the very people who have fewer resources with which to fight back.

*  One more: Walker signed a bill making it easier for schools to retain their Native American logos and nicknames. Free speech for school districts, he said.

*  Though to be fair, Walker and his team did recently cut one low-income farmer some slack. 

Trust me: Walker and his team know this, factored it into the calculations, and care less about the harm their work - - from official disinterest to calculated media spin and to governmental policy-making - - will leave in their wake.

Most politicians like to please as many people as possible.

Few Governors would read a snotty Top Ten Public Employee Insult List to the senior staff, including:
"On a snow day when they say “non-essential” people should stay home you know who they mean. 
"You know by having a copy of the Holy Koran on your desk your job is 100% safe. 
"You have a Democratic congressman’s lips permanently attached to your butt."
But that's the essential disrespecting, manipulating, dividing-and-conquering Walker, with no problem stepping on anyone and anything in the way - - even the popular Trek Bike company - - if it suits the narrowest of his personal and partisan goals, and feeds the mean streak which is behind many of his actions.

In FL Redistricting Case, Echoes of WI GOP Shadow Redistricting

Now where have we heard this before:
The Republican-controlled Legislature on Monday approved new maps that would alter seven of the state’s 27 congressional districts after Judge Terry P. Lewis ruled the current districts were illegally drawn to benefit Republicans. He gave them until Aug. 15 to fix the maps, acting after the League of Women Voters and others contended that Republican consultants used a “shadow” process to draw districts that benefited Republicans.'s coming to me...wasn't it in Wisconsin during the 2011-'12 secrecy-laden redistricting...ahhh!- - there it is:
Three days before new election maps were made available to the public, Republicans supplied copies of some of them to former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, who now heads a group that spends heavily to elect GOP lawmakers.
The emails show the Republicans drawing the legislative maps were willing to share their work with Jensen and other outsiders just weeks after having nearly all Republican lawmakers sign agreements to keep them secret. They did not provide the maps to Democrats or the general public at that stage, and strenuously fought in court to keep their documents out of the public domain...

If The US Senate Goes GOP This Fall...

Which Committee or Sub-Committee might our Tea Party/anti-government US Senator Ron Johnson chair?

Well, take your pick - - since he might:

United States Senate
United States SenateSenators HomeCommittees HomeLegislation & Records HomeArt and History HomeVisitor Center HomeReference Home
United States Senate