Tuesday, June 8, 2021

WI GOP Rep. from Two Rivers flunks Nazi History 101

Gov. Evers six weeks ago signed a bill mandating Holocaust education in state schools, so will GOP State Rep. Shae Sortwell please sign up for a session ASAP -  

Image of Shae Sortwell

- or simply resign and stop embarrassing taxpayers who shouldn't be paying him to 'serve' Wisconsin like this:

Wisconsin lawmaker compares museum's mask policy to Nazis

Sortwell posted on Facebook that "The Gestapo wants to see your papers, please."

Sortwell is the GOP State Rep. who walked into a Democrat's office to display his displeasure with a posted sign - and to display a handgun

A Republican state lawmaker reportedly displayed a holstered firearm to a Democratic aide in an area of the Wisconsin Assembly where weapons are banned, according to State Representative Shelia Stubbs.

State Representative Shae Sortwell is said to have entered Stubbs's office in late March or early February to speak with her aide, Savion Castro, about loosening licensing requirements for barbers in the state.

Sortwell was reportedly dismissive of a sign posted outside Stubbs's office indicating that firearms were not permitted inside. According to local media reporting, once Sortwell pulled back his coat to reveal his defiance of the ban, Castro asked him to leave.

Wisconsin's Republican Party keeps stamping out these bigots and slugs who will keep collecting salaries and benefits while spreading insult and ignorance until fairer districting maps are drawn.



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