Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Kapenga leaves his socks on the abasement basement floor

Wisconsin's GOP State Senate Majority Leader Chris Kapenga

Image of Chris Kapenga
Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield

writes in a public letter that his collection of loyalty swag to the defeated President includes "Trump socks" which he said he was wearing while composing his letter.

Who knew they were available? Are there matching sheets and jammies?

This embarrassment was wrapped in a defense of some state GOP officials loyalty to Trump, as reported to the entire world in The New York Times, here

In a blistering statement last week on the eve of the state party’s convention, the former president accused top Republican state lawmakers of “working hard to cover up election corruption” and “actively trying to prevent a Forensic Audit of the election results...."

Mr. Kapenga’s letter to Mr. Trump was a telling distillation of the delicate way Republicans try to navigate the former president’s whims, combining ego-stroking and gentle pushback.... 

“The power of your pen to mine is like Thor’s hammer to a Bobby pin,” the Senate president, Chris Kapenga, wrote, adding that he was wearing “Trump socks” and a “Trump-Pence mask” while boarding a commercial flight.

Kapenga's move to the abasement basement was separately described by Times' editorial writer Michelle Cotter as a bootlicking "master class in the art of Trump sycophancy."  

Dear Leader: A Near-Perfect Letter From a Trump Sycophant, Annotated

Picking up on Kapenga's socks, Cottle writes, in part:

In addition to my Trump socks, I will pull up my Trump/Pence mask when I board the plane, as required by federal law.

This bit of toadyism may feel like it’s going too far, but, with Mr. Trump, too far is never enough. And it never hurts to take a shot at the feds....

Thank you for doing great things as our president.

Always close with straight-up bootlicking. Don’t try to be fancy — or subtle. 

One more thing: Kapenga Tweeted that he wanted you to read his letter: 

Today I wrote a letter to President Trump. His claim that I am blocking an election audit couldn’t be further from the truth. Read my letter about how I requested an audit that is still ongoing.

Here is the letter which he posted on his taxpayer-funded office website - so please indulge him.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah,[expletive deleted] socks are a thing - throw [former guy] socks into an Amazon search to be amazed. Wonder if Kapenga has hairy kind reminiscent of 60's troll dolls...geeessshhh.