Monday, June 21, 2021

Senator Snowflake had a hard Juneteenth down there

Having blocked a bill in 2020 to make Juneteenth a national holiday, Wisconsin GOP Senator and man who feared Black Lives Matter supporters more than the violent Capitol mob - Ron Johnson - 

- showed up at Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration Saturday and got exactly what he hoped for:

He got booed.

Johnson immediately played his Juneteenth victim card to make sure his base voters understood how badly he'd been treated after having come all the way 'down here' just to get disrespected.

"You come down here and try to interact with people and be nice to people. But this isn't very nice, is it?"?

And, really: 'down here'?

Can't he suspend that elitist tone for one afternoon? 

I assume he meant 'down here from Oshkosh,' but people don't want their community characterized by someone - especially someone rich and powerful and previously unsympathetic - as down, or below.

Why not 'I came here to Milwaukee...'

Johnson even made sure to tell media he heard one 'nasty' comment  - oh, poor baby snowflake - no other politician has ever endured that calamity - but it reminded me that a) the former President often whimpered that he, too, had to suffer nasty questions or had 'nasty' things said about him, so credit Johnson with sending another signal sent to his base, and b) Johnson has had plenty of experience embracing and dishing out some pretty nasty disrespect, pain and suffering, too:

* When Johnson did not stand with abuse victims

* Republican Senator calls health care, food, and shelter care a 'privilege'

* GOP Senator Upbeat Coronavirus May Kill ‘No More Than 3.4 Percent of Our Population’


Anonymous said...

He can play the victim snowflake cards all he wants.

He's done.

Anonymous said...

There is no end to craven stupid political acts when it's RoJO!

Anonymous said...

no pity here. this guy is just another republican monster. he deserves what he got. as a so-called public SERVANT he should be working for all the people of Wisconsin--not his personal interests.

MadCityVoter said...

I only regret that he didn't come over to Madison as well so we could have the chance to boo him here too. But then I get the sense that he doesn't get out much, at least not to places where people give their honest opinions about his nonsensical theories and stunningly poor job performance.

Too bad as well that the crowd in Milwaukee didn't go full MAGA on Senator Johnson. It would have made for a fitting role-reversal, but I'm sure the Juneteenth crowd was so far above a chauvinist like Johnson that the notion of the unjust imprisonment or extra-judicial hanging of someone just because he has divisive, self-serving and wrongheaded ideas would never even have occurred to them. They were too busy celebrating :-)

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

You got it exactly right. Tailgunner Ron only went to Juneteenth to get booed and inflame his supporters about "how badly and disrespectfully" he was treated. A pure political stunt!!!

Anonymous said...

Sociopathic narcissists are all about attracting attention; whether cheers or boos doesn't matter.

The "Notice me! Notice me!" is strong in this one. Whatta putz.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Correct. It is all to play victim for whiny righties. Pathetic stuff from a pathetic person.

Not thinking that Russian Ron is really going to be helped by the cheap stunt. But the BubbleWorld of AM 1130 makes these dopes have a skewed view of what normal Sconnies think.