Monday, July 5, 2010

Dueling Waukesha Water Documents Surfaced Last Week And Are Compiled Below

The struggle over political supremacy and water planning control in the City of Waukesha led to dueling documents that surfaced in the run-up to July 4th, so in case anyone missed reading and filing them, here they are:

1. Mayor Jeff Scrima's July 2nd letter to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources;

2. His letter responded to this letter to him from the DNR, putting the City's application for Lake Michigan water on hold, pending clarifications and submission of data to correct defects.

3. The delay had led the Waukesha Water Utility - - prime mover in the application's drafting - - to draft this letter to the DNR for Scrima's signature, which he declined to sign and send as the Utility had wanted.

4. A July 1 op-ed about this power struggle that Scrima had published in the Waukesha Freeman.

I have been chronicling this political and procedural morass for some time: One entry here.

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