Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scott Walker: 'I'm A Know-Nothing.'

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker finally admits he's not a real manager, leader, thinker or risk-taker.

He has shown that he is over-matched by circumstances and expectations basic to his job by explaining away his breathtakingly ignorant position against accepting federal stimulus money - - this time by likening it to taking a $1,000 gift and using it to buy a $60,000 sports car.

What kind of absurd math and financial analysis is that?

Weirdly, Walker thinks he can manipulate the economic collapse into a personal, political advantage - - that somehow there is merit in letting a severely-challenged county do without federal investments and better public services.

Walker is letting doctrinaire, discredited Republican ideology and his 2010 Gubernatorial scheming dictate an 'approach' to a Recession/Depression.

Imagine getting a diagnosis of treatable cancer and being told by the oncologist assigned by your HMO that you can't have the latest and best medicine available - - because the doctor has decided that you should tough it out on your own.

If Walker were able to decline federal funding, Milwaukee County would further position itself negatively against surrounding counties and cities.

Let's hope that Gov. Doyle, if stimulus funding comes directly to the states for distribution, is able to work with other more enlightened and thoughtful local officials who won't imitate Walker's paper-thin reasoning - - and that's a generous description - - as taxpayers and residents should not be punished because Walker wants a shoutout from his right-wing and libertarian talk radio shills.

Walker's approach is shameless transparent, guided by opportunistic narcissism that is also dead wrong objectively, too.

Xoff says it better than have I.


xoff said...

Au contraire. You have nailed it, and (unlike moi) in a thoughtful way.

Let's start a Mutual Admiration Society sometime soon. Or at least have lunch.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it said that Poster "served" as in the past tense... Market corrections are a good thing. "Chicken Little, the sky is falling" and the government stepping in to clean up the mess is NEVER the way to go. You cannnot spend your way to prosperity. We will experience real and severe pain if we let the free market do what it does, but it will be much shorter time period than the debt we will be giving our grand kids. Because we insist on printing free money, the dollar is devalued, thus prolonging the pain.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance at it's worst.....your comments, not Scott.

Anonymous said...

Scott, where's the prosperity? Who's got it? You? Me?