Monday, January 12, 2009

History Shows Census Estimates Are Historically Inaccurate

A state official predicts a big drop in Milwaukee city and county populations.

It's important to help build the city, but as to the estimate - - yawn.

There is a long history of inaccurate predictions, in part because they are made from a distance by people without a feel for the City.

Milwaukee comes out better after estimates and a census because it enlists some of those community-organizing, foreign-language speaking, culturally-sensitive city-savvy residents to supplement federal census takers' door-to-door work.

I helped coordinate this effort for the city during the 2000 census, so I know of which I speak.

City leaders had the same experience during the 1990 census, and the same will be true in the 2010 census and beyond.

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colt said...


Milwaukee like Detroit is a dieing city high taxes poor schools high crime is killing it.If the County sales tax goes up and the Sick days benefit expect a faster one.
As more folks who can afford to move do what is going to be left? I know a population of uneducated and unemployable.
Good luck with that