Thursday, July 3, 2008

Total Victory! Sykes Veers Today's Anti-Left Rant To Light Rail, Global Warming And ME!

This Summerfest brouhaha has completely unhinged Charlie Sykes.

As he closed the 10:30 a.m. segment, Charlie lapsed into a character with a lispy falsetto voice having an imaginary discussion with leftists who like drinks with little umbrellas, oppose cookouts on July 4, or, like me, are in favor of light rail.

Setting aside any effort to analyze the illogical, one thing was clear: Charlie is not a master of impersonation.Ruch Limbaugh has that particular mocking voice down pat; Charlie's needs more practice.

So from a listener's point-of-view it was an awful few minutes of radio, about on the level of high school sophomores geeking around at after-school radio club.


Other Side said...

What an unhappy person he must be.

capper said...

I am afraid that all those hair care products are finally having an affect on his brain.

Joshua Skolnick said...

Good old light rail, the whipping boy of the reactionaries. Hope Sykes will be able to walk to the store in his old age, or eat crow and ride the train, since gasoline for his car will become unavailable or unaffordable, for like Rush, his invective is drowning in a sea of undeniable fact of peak oil and global warming.