Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Berlin Transit Cost And Related Issues, In More Detail

I have edited the previous post about a possible water sale to New Berlin to reflect the cost of bus service from Milwaukee to New Berlin, including its industrial park.

Here are the facts, after discussions with the providers.

Milwaukee County Transit System Route #10 provides service to Brookfield Square. A round trip is $4.50, which includes two, 25-cent zone fare add-ons to the $4 round-trip price ($2 each way).

A weekly pass costs $16, plus the zone fares, so five round-trips a week would cost $18.50, or $3.70 a day.

(Prior to 2004, Milwaukee County did offer a direct bus - - Route #6 - - to the New Berlin Industrial Park. That service has been discontinued.)

A Milwaukee rider can still get to the New Berlin Industrial Park and other stops along the way by transferring at Brookfield Square to Waukesha's Route 218, operated by Wisconsin Coach.

That round-trip fare is $3.50, or $1.75 each way.

Wisconsin Coach offers a ten-pack of tickets for $15, or $1.50 per ticket, reducing the daily round-trip cost on this leg of the journey to $3.

Fare, route and other information about Route 218 is here.

So - - a Milwaukee worker headed to New Berlin on a regular weekly basis could ride every day, using both bus services, for $6.70, or $33.50 weekly.

I figure the time on both buses from downtown Milwaukee at 70 minutes, plus layover time at Brookfield Square, with similar times on the return, or at least two hours, 20 minutes on the bus and coach daily.


Anonymous said...

and just how much time would it take each way, for this worker from, say, the central city?

James Rowen said...

I onow the trip to Brookfield Square is 55 minutes from downtown near the convention center, so perhaps 40-45 minutes from some more centrally-located destinations.

I could pull the Wisconsin Coach schedule off-line. I'm guessing another 20 minutes or so from Brookfield Square, depending on the destination, plus layover time at Brookfield Square.

It looks like a commitment of more than an hour each way.

James Rowen said...
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James Rowen said...

I embedded a link in the posting text to the Coach line service, route, fares and schedule.

From Brookfield Square to the Industrial Park is 15 minutes, and then another 15 minutes back.

Probably some layover times, too.

All in all, I'd say this is at least a two-hour time commitment daily for Milwaukee workers, and closer to 2.5 hours from Milwaukee's downtown, or from beginning points to the south.