Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tennessee Shooter Tied To The Savage Nation

I'm not surprised to find out that the Tennessee man who said he deliberately shot up a church because it welcomed gay members and championed civil rights causes had a copy of the virulently right-wing Michael Savage's recent book, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder."

OK: one book may not an accused mass-shooter-and-killer make (though he had other best-sellers by notable righties, too); maybe the gunman was the one with the mental disorder?

But Savage's show pumps out a daily attack on people whom Savage routinely calls degenerates and vermin and scum, and "the enemy within" - - usually Democrats, homosexuals and liberals.

He has said the ACLU leadership should be arrested and charged with treason.

He has said what he labels the homosexual agenda is destroying families, and that mentally-ill liberals are threatening American security through support for illegal immigrants and disdain for the military.

He especially reviles Democratic women politicians, like California's Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, as well as House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

620 WTMJ-AM radio offers his show most late-nights. It's a megaphone for demagoguery, and The Journal Company should really get him off its air.

It's a good thing that the alleged shooter in this case did not die, as a note he left behind said was his expectation.

Let's hope interrogators find out what his motivations were and who influenced him.

We need to know whether he thought that being a member of what Michael Savage calls his audience, "The Savage Nation," in any way stirred him to tote a 12-gauge shotgun and more than 70 shells into a church where the kids were putting on a musical performance for the congregation.


Other Side said...

One can't help but wonder if the right-wing will press for waterboarding of this terrorist to get to the "truth." Nah.

James Rowen said...

My guess is that he will talk a blue streak without any pressure. I think he'll want some credit for his achievements.

Bert said...

As both an insomniac and masochist, I find myself listening to Michael Savage on WTMJ from time to time. I recall that one of many times when he was discussing Muslims, he deliberately built to this crescendo of rage in his voice, and the last phrase he uttered before the commercial break was "snuff them all".

meghan said...

Do you have a list of advertisers on the show (especially local ones), so we could hit in the pocket book?

James Rowen said...

To Meghan...I don't have such a list. I think most of the ads are for minutes he sells - - a gold company, a wholesale buying, as that's how he makes his money - - so I don't know how local ads during his show are sold and placed.

He has lost sponsors and some stations recently over his inflammatory remarks about autism.

Patrick said...

Conservatives and Michael Savage are as responsible for this SOB as Liberals and Al Gore was for Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, who had a copy of AlGore's book in his cabin.

Why are you always trying to blame an entire group of people with another political viewpoint, with every idiot that does something wrong? A congressman sends text messages to a House Page and you try to slime all Republicans with it, when the fact is, no Republican defended the sleazeballs actions and it was we Conservatives that called for his resignation.

Place the blame where is belongs, on the rotten SOB that actually did the evil thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Patrick. The responsibility of the shootings belongs on the shooter. Michael Savage should not be blamed for this at all. You have to remember, this is only one case in which a crazed gunman had a copy of his book in his possession. It is not like this is an every day situation.

Some additional questions and comments: Do you honestly believe that America is better off with the gay community being more open and vocal? Do you also believe that America is better off with so many illegal aliens taking advantage of our system paid for by tax payer dollars? Do you believe that the ACLU supports the masses or makes the masses conform to the desires of the few? Do you support the military so we can continue to have the freedoms that we do? If you think he should be taken off the air, then should the Journal stop printing papers (considering the likes of Eugene Kane and others)? You must not like Michael Savage and the way the country was, do you? Over the past 25 years or so, do you think America has become more liberal/progressive and does that link to the general public thinking that we are not heading in a positive direction? Would you agree that most newspapers and most TV stations news departments are left slanted?

Comments: Take your blinders off - not every terrorist/shooter is a believer, listener, supporter, or reader of Michael Savage even though, it appears, that you want to blame him for any shooting that may happen. Had his church not been so supportive of gays, their movement, and their agenda, the shooter may not have gotten so upset by this and did the shooting. Not everbody is going to like gays, illegal aliens, and Islamist. That doesn't mean that they are racists, can be forced to like those groups, or will want to change their lifestyles to accomodate them. Michael Savage is an old fashioned man that believes in the traditional roles for men and women. I don't see that as being wrong. And yes, I do believe that some liberals have a mental disorder - mainly from the crazed ideas and laws that they want people to live by. At least radio gives me the opportunity to hear the opposite viewpoint so I can form my own opinions.

Bert: Haven't you ever said something similar out of a fit of rage? Be honest.

James on advertisers: If the whole autism conversaion piece was listened to, the advertisers may not have dropped him. Did they listen to his audio clip or one that was created by CAIR?

America needs to do what is in the best interest for the masses, not what is in the best interest of the few AND to quit Europeanizing ourselves. We are America! Not Europe.