Thursday, July 10, 2008

WMC Charges Its Free Speech Violated - - In A Published Op-Ed

Bad blog headline:

This is better - - WMC Uses A Published Newspaper Column To Claim Its Free Speech Has Been Violated.

Anyway...we all need editors.

But back to the irony I am trying to communicate.

The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce alleges its free speech rights are being violated - - and makes the allegations in an op-ed published by the Capital Times, one of the accused violators, if you read between the lines of the WMC's rant.

Now if the WMC's free speech was really being violated, would its op-ed have been published?

By one of those doing the violating?

The contradictions are severe: chalk it up to some bad pizza at the WMC dining room.

Some funny commentary by Illusory Tenant.

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