Friday, July 25, 2008

Robbers ("Thugs?") Allegedly Targeted, Burned Indian Gas Station Operators

We learn that police have charged two men with a string of 20 Milwaukee-area robberies in which Indian-owned gas stations were targeted and victims doused with hot coffee.

The allegation of the immigrants' targeting was confirmed by the suspects, according to police.

Are the perpetrators two men who made bad decisions, or are they thugs?
Just asking.

I checked several righty blogs where the "thug" word gets tossed around purportedly without discrimination, but so far, I see nothing.

Makes you wonder what thug-worthy behavior really is, unless you happen to be Lee Holloway, the villainous chairman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, and, why then, it's clear as a bell.

Apologizes if I missed it anywhere.


James Wigderson said...

I'm officially on vacation and I don't usually write about crime outside of Waukesha, but yes Jim, these are thugs. Given their preferred targets, you could even find irony in calling them thugs. I wonder if they will be charged under the hate crimes statute?

Glad I could help you with the English language. You still owe Eggleston an apology.

James Rowen said...

Thanks for the note. Enjoy your time away.