Monday, July 21, 2008

Michael Savage On Glenn Beck: Talk About A Dynamic Duo

Michael Savage made an audio appearance on the Glenn Beck show tonight on CNN.

MSNBC dumped the angry righty talker years ago for disgusting remarks about homosexuals; CNN gave Savage air time to explain away his hateful remarks about another group: children with autism and their parents.

Savage claimed he had been misquoted, though Beck played Savage's lengthy monologue, for which Savage had no apology.

Savage had said on his radio program - - yes, it still airs late at night and into the early morning hours on 62- WTMJ-AM - - that kids with autism were misdiagnosed brats with bad parents who faked their kids' symptoms to collect disability payments.

You can find more information on Savage's website, which is one of the uglier and least-professionally-appearing sites on the internet, here.

Savage regularly rants against Muslims, liberals, homosexuals, illegal immigrants and others whom he likes to call "the enemy within."

Given his penchant for self-destruction, you have to wonder whether Savage's real enemies are entirely internal.

I also wonder if any of our righty blogging friends, on behalf of people with troubled children, relatives or friends, will consider ascribing the "thu*" appellation to Savage?


John said...

I think Glenn Beck is a CNN beast, not MSNBC (Beck's opposite number, Olbermann, is MSNBC).

Want to see a REAL head-smacking web site? Check out

Flags and far-off gazes abound - - along with an ad for an artery un-clogger smack-dab in the middle of the page and across the top as a banner.


James Rowen said...

I cleaned that up. My mistake. Thank you.