Friday, July 25, 2008

Conservative Blogger Discovers That Non-Profit Groups Donate Money To...Non-Profit Groups!

The Widgerson Library & Pub blog is ripping Clean Wisconsin, a Madison-based environmental organization, for raising money to push for clean air and water.

'Discovering' that non-profit organizations raise money from other non-profit organizations, Widgerson publishes a list of the group's institutional donors over the last four years, including a California foundation which says its goals are new energy-conserving technologies in the world's largest energy-consuming nations - - the US and China.

Who's against that?

Do we like air pollution wafting our way from coal-fired powerplants, and the mercury it deposits in our rivers and lakes>

Is the horror that there are out-of-state donors involved, like, perhaps, the out-of-state donors who supplied advertising dollars to support the candidacies of State Supreme Court candidates Anne Ziegler and Michael Gableman?

All perfectly legal, both for Clean WI and for the campaigns' "independent expenditure" supporters - - except those campaign donors are not disclosed.

Clean Wisconsin's donors are disclosed. Looks like a group of foundations that are in favor of clean air and water.

So what's the big deal?

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