Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On-Again, Off-Again Swan Shootings A DNR Self-Inflicted Wound

As I've noted in this blog on other occasions, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is sometimes its own worst enemy.

Like withholding from the public that New Berlin had applied for a Lake Michigan water diversion, then declining to submit the application for a public hearing.

The agency is already a lightning rod, with conservatives thinking it goes too far regulating private properties, and liberals feeling that the agency is afraid to assertively protect the environment.

So it's baffling when it seems to be unable to make up its mind or just plain drops the ball.

Latest case in point: going ahead with an already-controversial plan to shoot troublesome mute swans in several southeastern Wisconsin communities, then suspending the program after it sparked...more controversy...and finally resorting to other forms of mute swan control it could have pursued before implementing the bird shootings.

Final tally: 14 dead swans, plenty of angry bird-lovers, lots of bad publicity, and one possible lawsuit.


Unknown said...

Those Swans need to be eliminated as they are an invasive species. The DNR did the best they could to do that but should have tried harder to educate the public before they undertook their dirty deed.

Natalie Seagull said...

That is ridiculous. We are all invasive species. We adapt. Things change. Leave the swans alone, good grief.