Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Milwaukee County Kicks City Officials To The Curb

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker brought a fancy new hybrid bus to town to demonstrate the equipment he wants to buy with federal funds that can't spent on transit without the approval of the City of Milwaukee.

Then the county officials in charge of the demonstration ride fail to pick up the city officials, literally leaving them at the curb.

So if you are the city, does this sound like a group you'd want to partner with?

And do you think Walker really wants the city's cooperation on the transit plan, or is having more fun dissing city transportation officials?

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, it seems as though only one city official RSVP'd (it's not clear from the article whether the county had stated that was a requirement), and that official, Ald. Jim Bohl, WAS picked up. If I'm reading the article correctly, the three who were left waiting at City Hall hadn't told the county the were interested in participating. What that says about communication between the city and county is pretty telling too...