Sunday, May 18, 2008

Glenn Grothman's Record, For The Record

Clyde Winter at the Hearts and Minds blog reminds us just how reactionary is the voting record compiled this session by his State Senator, Glenn Grothman.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing a link to my summary of Grothman's voting record.

A later column narrowed the focus to conservation/environmental issues, but broadened the coverage to the state legislature, specifically the Senate. The political analysis in this piece is, I think, important.

My name provides a direct link to "How Wisconsin Legislators Voted on Conservation Issues".

Anonymous said...

Piece of news for you, James. See my latest post on "Hearts and Minds", which has another article in my series quantifying and stacking up the state legislature's recent record on another issue. (This one focuses on bills tracked and rated by Wisconsin Democracy Campaign).

The article also reveals a surprise candidate who just announced for the state legislature, challenging one of the very worst of the worst I have found in the very center of every one of these issue oriented surveys of the legislature.