Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Road To Sprawlville, Chapter XVI: Town Of Lisbon May Say "No"

The small rural Town of Lisbon in north-central Waukesha County is holding a public meeting tonight to decide whether to impose a six-month building moratorium while considering new codes to control development.

May The Road To Sprawlville bypass Lisbon.

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Jim Bouman said...

The Summer of '56. I was just sliding into adolescence. Elvis had his first three big hits that summer. But, there was still a hangover of the kind of instrumental pop songs that caught the whole nation, including my folks.

"Lisbon Antigua" was a tune, an instrumental by Nelson Riddle and his orchestra, that caught on and competed with Elvis for a number of weeks and months.

It was one of those sea-change moments in history.
YouTube - Nelson Riddle - Lisbon Antigua

As is this moment in the Town of Lisbon. Different, place, different century. Same issues. Old values and practices vs. New ideas.

May they choose wisely.