Thursday, May 15, 2008

Complaint Filed Over Closed Meetings In Waukesha

Waukesha blogger and citizen activist Jim Bouman has filed a formal complaint with the Waukesha County District Attorney over repeated closed sessions of Waukesha city agencies planning that city's water supply strategy.

You can read the first account of this complaint in the Daily Reporter, a regional legal and business daily and online paper, here.

The heart of the Daily Reporter story:

"Jim Bouman, a Waukesha resident, filed a complaint (PDF) with the county district attorney last week alleging the water utility’s commission is violating open-meeting statutes when it goes into closed session to discuss planning for a new water source. He said he has no problem with taking Lake Michigan water, but he wants more details before planning is so far along it can’t be changed.

“'I want to know what it’s going to cost,” he said. “I want to see the engineering estimates of the gain we’re going to get versus doing other things.'”

Kudos to Bouman, who blogs as 'Water Blogged In Waukesha," and to Sean Ryan of the Daily Reporter, for undertaking, separately, the action and its publication.

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