Saturday, May 24, 2008

Healthy Madison To Eat 200,000 Brats At One Sitting; That's Healthy?

Can Madison really claim its Healthy City motto and continue its annual Brat Fest, where the goal is to eat close to 200,000 sausages - - and yes, I know, a modest few are veggie?

But the emphasis on breaking the 190,000 barrier...setting a record...makes this nothing more than a glorified Coney Island hot dog eating contest.

Yes, it's a fundraiser. I know, I know, but in a world, and even a state where some people do not have enough to eat, and where heart disease is a major drain on the health care system, does a self-proclaimed Healthy City go out of its way to gorge itself on nearly 20 miles worth of sausages?

Ambulances and cardiologists are no doubt standing by.

Paul Soglin at Waxing America shines a different political light on the event, but I believe I have best gone to the heart of the matter.


Dave1 said...

You can't be serious .... lighten up!

Most of these people were probably going to have a brat (or hot dog or hamburger) on the grill somewhere anyway if they didn't attend this event.

What's next ... no beer and cheese? Neither one is good for you in excess.

How about no Packer games? You know, sitting in the sun can cause skin cancer.

James Rowen said...

I think eating contests are immoral.

And this one is excessive by any reasonable definition.