Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Michael Savage Plays "Dead Kennedys" Song To Announce Sen. Ted Kennedy's Brain Cancer

Right-wing AM talker Michael Savage, the nationally-syndicated right-wing radio host carried by AM 620 WTMJ, used cuts from a song by the musical group "Dead Kennedys" Tuesday when announcing that Sen. Ted Kennedy, (D-MA), had been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to Media Matters.

Saying it was out of "some respect."


When will WTMJ, owned by Journal Communications, replace the deliberately crude and offensive "Savage Nation" program with an alternative?

Thanks to Justin Cole for sending this over to me.


Anonymous said...

I did not hear this program, but it it indeed was said, it is disgusting. I am a conservative, but Savage is too much for me.

Just to be fair though, did you call for Air America to change programming when they said things about Cheney and Bush being killed?

James Rowen said...

I did not hear this Air America program you are referencing, but if it happened, it certainly should be condemned. Air America is not on the radio in our market.

Savage has a long history of such outrages, as you probably know.

James Rowen said...
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The Phantom said...

I heard this....beyond disgusting.

I'm very conservative myself, but this is not a conservative / liberal matter at all.

Its a matter of personal decency.

Of which Michael Savage has none

Anonymous said...

Far and away the most self-loathing "personality" on talk radio, Savage (Wiener) displays a continuous pseudo intellect that acts as a constant vehicle for the type of selfishness, cruelty and insecurity-bred fear that seems to fit most right wingers like a glove.

True justice would prevail if just one of this coward's curses were applied to himself.

The Savage Nation's "philosophy" is clearly a loathsome disease.