Friday, February 15, 2008

Ryan Braun's $10,000 Donation To Habitat For Humanity Speaks Volumes

Nice to see a young ballplayer like the Brewers' Ryan Braun giving his Rookie-of-the-Year $10,000 award check to Habitat For Humanity.

I'm sure athletes and celebrities commit flagrant acts of charity in private and there's no need for anyone to know - - but given the frequent sports-related headlines about selfish or boorish behaviors, and so few stories with anything suggesting a player with a progressive political consciousness, it was refreshing to see Braun, a local player, so generously supporting Habitat.


Rick Esenberg said...

Since when is giving money to charity an indication of a "progressive political consciousness?" I give money to charity. Do you think I have one?

James Rowen said...

The reference is the giving to Habitat, which I consider a progressive non-profit.