Saturday, February 9, 2008

1,000-Foot Wall Will Greet I-94 Motorists At The Pabst Farms Mall

A 1000-foot screening wall is now proposed for the planned upscale Pabst Farms mall where it will face a $25 million Boutique Interchange off I-94.

This is the improved mall design? Are you kidding?

Who's in charge: The East Berlin Public Works Department?


Green Knight said...

No surprise there, James.

It's been noted that a wall would be present since they submitted their revised plans.

I obtained a copy and posted thoughts on it on my Metro Milwaukee Development News blog.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Oconomowoc. Papers please?

Dave said...

Sorry but that is too funny. The nice thing about all of these terribly bad proposals is that the mall itself is continued to be delayed and hopefully the developer will become discouraged. As I'm sure Jim would agree this mall would just continue to encourage subsidized suburban sprawl.