Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Is A Pathetic Joke

Had the pleasure of listening to the infamous Rush for a few minutes today.

He managed to drop two of his stock phrases, "feminazis" (feminists) and "the drive-by media" (mainstream media) in nearly consecutive sentences, indicating his intellectual limitations and his waning appeal during the presidential campaign.

Limbaugh sounds predictable, whiny and out of touch, not just with people like me, who drop in here and there, but to his core, conservative audience that, unlike Rush, likes McCain.

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John said...

Key to Limbaugh's "brand-building" is his very conscious repetition of trigger-words and phrases, the predictability of which comforts his ditto-head followers.

Nothing confuses or scares a knee-jerk conservative more than the prospect of nuance or introspection - - neither of which threaten to impede Limbaugh's continuous dogma.