Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Road To Sprawlville, Chapter XII: Dead End In Brookfield

Seems there's not enough money in Brookfield to get the last half-mile of a road project done - - and really, the amounts in dispute are relatively small - - but you can't help noticing that not far away, you have this underway or on the books:

  • $810 million for the Marquette Interchange rebuilding and expansion.

  • $1.9 billion for the I-94 North/South rebuilding and expansion.

  • $3.8 billion for other regional highway rebuilding and expansion.

  • $25 million for the I-94 Boutique Interchange for the Pabst Farms (not built) mall.

  • $5 million (give or take) for an I-43 Boutique Interchange near Kohler for golf tournament access every five years.

That's where the money is going, folks. Not for transit. Not for local projects that need a relative pittance.

The big bucks are going for what they call in the industry "The Majors," and in southeastern Wisconsin, it's The Road To Sprawlville.

And it will bypass Brookfield as easily as it is leaving Milwaukee behind, too.

Courtesy of the road-builders and their friends in state government.

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