Thursday, February 21, 2008

GOP Presidental Candidates Brought The Snooze Factor To Waukesha County Base

Waukesha County is a Republican Party stronghold, but turnout there in the Tuesday primary suggests that the candidates they fielded, notably US Sen. John McCain (AZ), and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AK) have a charisma deficit compared to their Democratic rivals.

Seems that the Democratic candidates, notably US Senators Barack Obama (IL) and Hillary Clinton (NY) out-polled their GOP counterparts 71,000-to-53,000, for an approximate margin of 28,000, according to the Waukesha Freeman.

Probable advantage, come November: The Democratic ticket.

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Anonymous said...

The rich Republican developers and builders that spread their subdivisions far and wide forgot to ask homebuyers what political party they support before offers to purchase were accepted.

They may have been the instruments of their own destruction.