Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dane County Can Learn From Waukesha's Mistakes: Chapter XIII In "The Road To Sprawlville"

This installment on our virtual tour, The Road To Sprawlville, uses the roadmap for planning (sic) in Waukesha County as a warning for Dane County.

Capital Times editor emeritus Dave Zweifel notes the efforts of Dane County activists who see Waukesha County's sprawl-happy groundwater depletion as the road to ruin.

Right now, Dane, Waukesha and Milwaukee County are linked by an interstate, and many missed commercial and educational connections and opportunities.

Rail service among the three major southern state counties and population centers would be a boon.

But Dane County's imitating Waukesha County's loss of agricultural lands in favor of subdivisions and strip malls that help drain the water table and pollute the air would be giant step backward.

You don't want The Road To Sprawlville becoming a permanent fixture in your community.

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