Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If Lake Mead Runs Dry, They Will Come For The Great Lakes Supply

Lake Mead supplies much of the parched UW west with water: if the new predictions about its possible drying-up come true in the near future, there better be a tough Great Lakes Compact in place, or that water will move west.

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don said...

No, the corporations already have the profit solution in place. Building desalinization plants. There is one being built in Southern California that will allow NV to keep all it's water. The price of water doubles with these plants but hey, they can pass that on to the consumer cause you have to have water right? Guess which corporation has already smelled the monopoly profits in water? Yep, GE. They make the membranes for these plants. Expect to see a bunch of these plants going on line in the next couple of years. There will be plenty of water and the consumer will pay dearly for it. God bless American government. By the corporations and for the corporations. PS. The corporations are already moving into wind as well. It used to be that a windmill cost 500k. They now cost 1.5 million. Awesome dude.