Sunday, March 4, 2007

Waukesha's North Lake Finally To Get Public Boating Access

It's taken years, but the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has finally won in court what it could not arrange less litigiously on the shoreline of one of Waukesha County's largest bodies of water - - a public boating launch facility on North Lake.

Details here.

Wisconsin's Public Trust doctrine, dating to the Northwest Ordinance and then folded into the Wisconsin Constitution, has been interpreted to guarantee public access to all the state's waters.

North Lake, at 437 acres, was one of the state's largest without a public boat launch.

Private property property owners held up the deal for years, but it looks like the public, whomever and from wherever they may be, will soon be able to put a pleasure or fishing boat into North Lake.

Let's hope they get a warmer reception than a Milwaukee African-American family got last year in the nearby Town of Merton, when two off-duty North Lake volunteer fighters, including the now ex-chief, used a handgun and German Shepherd to run the Milwaukeeans off a public, river bridge fishing spot.

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Anonymous said...


To give you some info, there used to be a public launch on north lake.( I used it every year)The DNR chose not to buy the land when the owner was selling it, so the condo's bought it up instead.
Also, there are currently 3 places for people to access the lake, granted 2 are only accessable for small boats and you need to get your feet wet, but you can get on the lake.
There is also a different parcel of land availaible that the DNR could have bought for less $$$ and is easier to get to and is closer to the downtown business.
(bait, food, beer, gas)
So the lack of access to me is also a result of poor DNR mgt. and stuborness.
PS> You should not label an entire town based upon one persons actions.