Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sprawl Is Coming To Rural Waukesha Faster Than First Thought

It's one thing for traffic noise and other surefire sounds of civilization to worm their way into rural Waukesha County, but consider the implications over the plan by an Oconomowoc dentist to use his rural Village of Dousman yard as a helipad.

Said one neighbor:

"There have been days when I’ve heard that helicopter fly by my house three to four times," said Bob Pfaff, a neighbor of Michaels. "The noise is obnoxious. I want to be able to sit outside in my back yard and enjoy peace and quite."

Location, location, location: Put a few more of those whirlybirds in once bucolic rural Waukesha County and a nice condo along the river in downtown Milwaukee's gonna feel serene by comparison.

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