Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Rains Mean More Bradford Beach Closings

It has been two years since word first broke in the media that University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee researchers had found E. coli bacteria on Bradford Beach near five sewer pipe outlets (called "outfalls") owned by Milwaukee County.

Right: it's a county-owned beach, on the shore of Lake Michigan, at the foot of Lake Park - - and bacteria frequently originating in the intestines of human beings and other mammals, and therefore their fecal matter, was pouring in polluted water right across the sand and into the shallow wading water.

The outfalls are in concrete structures visible from Lincoln Memorial Dr. When it rains, channels through the sand are visible across the beach. One of the premier public beaches in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee County has budgeted money to fix the problem, but there's no evidence that the money is going to be spent.

Question for Scott Walker: Miller Park fixed its recently discovered sewage line problem fast.

It's been two years - - actually more than 26 months - - and what's happening in County government to end the E. coli pollution of Bradford beach?

E. coli can cause intestinal and extra-intestinal infections, including urinary tract infections, meningitis, peritonitis, mastitis, and other serious ailments.

Spring is here. April is a known month of heavy rain that has been associated with water-borne illness in and around Milwaukee.

Then it will be summer: beach and wading season.

We don't want it to be another beach closing season because the County is still polluting its beach.

Our beach.

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