Monday, March 12, 2007

Milwaukee's Image: Embrace The 50's?

A suburban Milwaukee resident in Fox Point suggests in Sunday's Journal Sentinel "Crossroads" section that Milwaukee's 50's image is what we should be selling to the rest of the world.

Here's what Richard Thieme says he liked about Milwaukee, er, Fox Point, when he got here 20 years ago:

"Milwaukee!" cried a biker. "Harley!"

"Milwaukee!" cried a porky pal. "Cheese and sauerbraten!"

"Milwaukee!" cried a drinking buddy. "Beer!"

Selling a 50's image?

I remember a meeting of youngish business types at City Hall a few years organized by the chamber of commerce where the most frequently-asked question wasn't "where can I get me a cheesehead?"

It was - - swear to God - - "Where is the local train system?"

Note to Milwaukee 7 regional planners and assorted imagemakers:

Let's all move on to something...what...broader...more contemporary?

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