Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ann Coulter, Pathetic Wingnut

Little surprise, really, that Ann Coulter would figure out a way to put herself in the headlines at a rightwing political conference where conservative GOP candidates were auditioning for 2008 electoral support.

She's always got a book to sell or a lecture tour to promote, and had to be annoyed that Anna Nicole Smith, Briteny Spears and Michael "Kramer" Richards have been getting all the limelight.

What was wierd, even by Coulter's standards - - remember, she was the one who suggested last year that 9/11 widows were somehow grooving on their situation - - was how she went about making sure that media paid her more attention than the candidates:

She swift-boated the married-guy John Edwards over on the Democratic side with a nasty, homophobic slur, and got cheered by an enthusiastic audience.

Edwards quickly turned Coulter's nutty remark into a fund-raising effort, and that's the mark of a savvy politician, but don't you wonder when even the right will decide that maybe you don't want Coulter representing you?

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