Friday, March 16, 2007

Guest Post Goes National - - You Read It Here First!

A few days ago, I was happy to post a guest essay on regionalism and sprawl in southeastern Wisconsin by Steven Branca, longtime city planner and formerly the sustainability officer at Wingspread.

Brainy guy, Steve is, and a heckuva writer with credentials, too.

Steve's post was picked up and posted also in the March 14th edition of Regional Community News, as item #12.13 in the listings.

That site is structured as a Yahoo Group, and free online subscriptions are available.

Branca's was the second guest post put up since I started this blog about six weeks ago.

The first, from a Vietnam vet from Wisconsin who offered personal insight into the troubled Veterans Administration healthcare system, generated comment, too.

I'm glad to help with these messages: I think this internet thing is gonna catch on, so thanks to these guest authors and our readers, too.

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