Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vos has nothing to say, but says it anyway.

You may remember that WI GOP Assembly Speaker and Legislative Lame Duck Leader Robin Vos

brought on extra taxpayer-paid staff and gave out raises to keep The Tony Evers Monkey-Wrenching Machinery running smoothly 24/7.

But the most-recent offering from Brain Trust Central carried a transparently-partisan and timid calibration with all the weight of a marshmallow:
Vos upset about how Evers announced his 'Stay at Home' order; Neubauer applauds governor
"The governor’s sudden change of course and lack of specific guidance have increased the level of uncertainty and anxiety in our state. The people of Wisconsin deserve clear communications during a public health emergency," Vos said. 
As they say, you're losing an argument if you're focusing on process, and in this case, it's painfully hilarious that a GOP leader whose party carried out a secretive gerrymandering - - complete with signed confidentiality agreements - - and similarly wrote those unprecedented lame duck laws in secret - - could now be complaining about someone else's communications.

Especially in a crisis which has been marked with enormous fluidity. 

But for the record, the uncertainty and anxiety which concerns a suddenly empathetic Vos have been caused a) by a silent pandemic b) enabled nationally by Vos's beloved Donald Trump, who dithered in the White House, played golf early on and paraded around rally stages wearing a silly hat when he could have been marshaling all the country's powers and resources because it was time to more than play-act the roles of Human Being, and Wartime President.

It seems like the Vos Bunch got a directive: Issue something, anything, that takes a swipe at Evers, but calibrate the outrage so the GOP won't get labeled super-insensitive and heartless.

What really irks these Republicans is that they managed to forfeit an incumbent Governorship and thus lost the opportunity to manipulate state emergency powers to move their agendas forward:

* Can't implement any new restrictions on women's healthcare services.

* Ditto for not being able to lay down fresh limitations on food aid or mandate more work requirements. A chance to make sure Wisconsin didn't become another Milwaukee, again - - lost!

* And somehow forgot to put the Joint Finance Committee in charge of all emergency planning.

Basically, the geniuses who gave us FitzWalkerStan aren't as smart as they think they are.

I'm still trying to figure out how Team Walker managed to blow a chance to showcase their hard-working Governor doing hard flood clean-up duty two summers ago by sending him to an East Side Madison neighborhood where there were activist progressives every few feet to make Gov. Cranky look and sound like the fool.

Nobody in the middle of an historic crisis with lives on the line wants to hear the Assembly Speaker now on a nine-month, fully-paid recess whine about not getting ample notice - - based on no known criteria - - of what the Governor was implementing.

On a timely and legal basis.

If Vos were really interested in improving communications statewide, he'd turn off the party's talking point printing press, and shelter in place.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget that these legislators have state funded health-care. The GOP rejected Medicaid expansion and rejected out of hand Senator Erpenbach's "Healthy Wisconsin" initiative. They have overseen the consolidation of hospitals and closing of rural healthcare facilities. They will have access to care that many Wisconsinites will not directly due to their actions.

Anonymous said...

585 to 700 in 24 hours and all Vos can do is whine like a little girl. How about confirming Palm. Home for 9 months? Doing what?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Vos' county, Racine, the county board has asked people to not to go out unless necessary. I guess that the information didn't get to Vos' friend Mike Dawson running for reelection to the county board, since he has had people going door to door hanging lit on porches and front doors for the past two days.