Saturday, March 14, 2020

All WI GOP House members voted "No" on virus aid bill

[2:00 p.m. update - - it looks like Wisconsin's Congressional junior varsity will get a boost from the senior squad.]
The New York Times reports a solid "No" voting bloc of WI GOP House members, despite Trump's green light, including Sensenbrenner, Grothman, Gallagher and Steil.

Glenn Grothman official congressional photo.jpg

while all Dems - - Pocan, Kind and Moore voted "Yes."

With 40 House "No" votes nationally - - all cast by Republicans - - Wisconsin with four accounted for 10% with less than 2% of the nation's population. Stunning how reactionary Wisconsin has become.

Nest up to show his true colors: GOP Sen.Ron Johnson, when the Senate returns next week after a weekend off.

Sensenbrenner is retiring. His likely replacement is State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. 

Sean Duffy quit mid-term; the probable replacement is State Sen. Tom Tiffany.

The bill these Republicans opposed is designed to help small businesses and their employees survive the plunge i employment and spending that has been underway for days - - yet Grothman can on March 11 Tweet out a photo and boiler-plate support still at the top of his feed for small businesses, apparently unaware of or unconcerned with the daily reporting about business after business shuttering.

I was happy to meet with
about ways Congress can help the convenience store industry, that serves 160 million customers every day, continue to thrive!
"Continue to thrive." Dude - - read the papers. Turn on your TV. 

Beyond clueless.

All incumbents are on the November 2020 ballot.

Update: Here's another b.s. Tweet from an opponent who claimed to be focused on "mitigating the #Coronavirus." Actually, #noyou'renot.

Yesterday I met with former CDC Director Tom Frieden. I remain focused on mitigating the #coronavirus..

And Mike Gallagher managed to post a Tweet praising Trump, but has not yet tweeted an acknowledgment of either Trump's long delays in getting organized, Trump's wipeout of White House preparedness staffing and offices, or Trump's big lie yesterday about Google building an informational website which Google said is not happening.

Here is Gallagher's Tweet.

The President’s announcement of an innovative, public-private partnership to exponentially increase testing is great news. Testing is critical to our ability to slow the spread of this virus, & I hope this plan gets implemented both quickly & efficiently.


Democurmudgeon said...

Just after White House said Trump didn't get tested, Trump just said he did get tested on Friday and is still awaiting results. Seriously, they can't even tell the truth about something so trivial as this?

Anonymous said...

Honestly. This is not the state I grew up in.

Yvette9b said...

How about buying the WHO testing kits. I hear there is a US distribution company. Oh, no Trump kickback. Dorry.

Yvette9b said...

WHO has testing kits for sale through a USA company. No kickbacks available, however! 😀 Marilyn from WI

James Rowen said...

@Democurmudgeon- - Because they can't handle the truth.