Monday, May 17, 2021

US legislators from WI say jobless citizens are lazy grifters

Citing no data, a resentment-stirring-grievance-and-talking-point-laden WI GOP Sen. Ron Johnson said "subsidies" to unemployed people are preventing employers from filling jobs:

"The biggest problem businesses in Wisconsin face now is finding people willing to turn down government subsidies and go back to work," U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Oshkosh said in a statement.

Democrats, and even business leaders, had a more layered and less judgmental analysis about post-pandemic unemployment and the impact of a temporary $300 per week payment to the unemployed which has millionaire Johnson so worked up:

Republicans and business groups contend some workers are reluctant to take jobs because of how much they make in benefits and say the situation is hurting the economy. Many Democrats say the help is still needed and note people often no longer qualify for benefits if they turn down a good job offer.

Republican office holders, including Paul Ryan (and again),  Glenn Grothman, Scott Walker and their hero, Ronald Reagan, who enjoyed fat, subsidized salaries, benefits and special perks as routine entitlements can instantly display a nasty disdain for people who are poor, down on their luck, out of work and/or routinely suppressed. 

Highly-subsidized Senator perhaps rooting out those getting smaller subsidies?

So, of course, all five of Johnson's junior and equally callous state GOP Congressional caucus members who each make more than $3,400 a week - or 11 times the temporary, $300-per-week unemployment support Johnson cannot abide - signed on to his shaming and shameful letter:

Johnson sent a letter to Evers on the issue that was also signed by the five Republicans who represent the state in the U.S. House — Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau, Mike Gallagher of Green Bay, Glenn Grothman of Glenbeulah, Bryan Steil of Janesville and Tom Tiffany of Minocqua. 





Katrina said...

Thank goodness for Governor Evers.

Anonymous said...

If anyone should be able to recognize lazy grifters it ought to be these rethuglican politicians. If they have a mirror they are looking at a lazy grifter!

They might be dim but unless they are blind they can see this.

James Rowen said...

@Katrina: Agreed. Re-electing him, and Biden, are absolutely imperative. jim