Thursday, May 13, 2021

Johnson lauds COVID 'natural immunity,' but 668,000 in WI caught the virus

Our GOP senior Senator is equating "highly effective" COVID vaccines with "natural immunity" which didn't save 7,706 state citizens among more than 688,000 who caught the virus. 

Imagine if your doctor had told you this was the way to get through the pandemic. 

In fact, here's how a real Wisconsin doctor has framed the choice between vaccinations and turning down vaccinations:

Pediatrician still battling COVID-19 symptoms urges parents to get children vaccinated

A Milwaukee pediatrician still has serious COVID-19 symptoms more than six months after contracting the virus from a young patient. She urges parents to get their kids vaccinated, when they're eligible.

But, Johnson is on another ideological tear about freedom and he took to Twitter Thursday to amplify his dangerous, Bizarro World thinking [sic]:

Today's action on masks is well overdue. The vaccine is highly effective. So is natural immunity.

By the way, Johnson has said the only reason he ran against Feingold in May, 2010, is because he said he saw a Fox commentator plead for a rich guy to take on Feingold on:

"Yesterday, Wisconsin business owner Ron Johnson announced he's running for the Republican nomination to oppose Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI). What spurred him to action? Fox News' call for Republican candidates.

"During a press conference announcing his candidacy, Johnson explained: “I was sitting at home watching Fox News and Dick Morris came on and said 'Hey, you know, Feingold is vulnerable. You know, if you're a rich guy from Wisconsin, step up to the plate.' I kind of looked at (my wife) Jane and said 'is he, like, talking to me?'”

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Anonymous said...

Where does Johnson get his information from? Bathroom walls. Or fact free fox.

wifather2000 said...

Google Howdy Doody. Compare this to moRon Johnson. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Fax free Fox.

That's rendundant!