Friday, May 14, 2021

Pol & Dodge Co. history buff should read up on the local history

Wisconsin's new GOP Assembly Finance committee co-chair Mark Born 

who deserved for his ugly dismissiveness of African-American culture the "racist" label awarded him by Milwaukee State Sen. LaTonya Johnson - had told a reporter when he first ran for office that growing up in Beaver Dam has framed his life's philosophies and interests.

Which included active participation in the local historical society: 

Outside of his job, Born is involved in many community groups including the Dodge County Historical Society, where he is vice-president, Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association, Elk’s Lodge 1540, Leadership Beaver Dam and St. John’s Lutheran Church.

We'd earlier noted Born's proclivity for crapping on people, here, so we're not surprised he'd bully his way into open disrespect for African-American culture, but here's a follow-up question:

If Born is such a devotee of local history, has he ever seen and given a little thought to the meaning and message on this noteworthy plaque in his hometown in 2000, and how it might guide his behavior as an influential state official?

Marker 458: Frederick Douglass

Erected 2000 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wisconsin
43° 27.383′ N, 88° 50.402′ W

Frederick Douglass was a former runaway slave who was a leading orator and author of the abolitionist movement. He is regarded as one of the most influential Americans of the nineteenth century. On October 20, 1856, Douglass came to Beaver Dam and spoke to a large audience about the brutality and immorality of slavery. His speech was also intended to generate support for the abolitionist movement in Dodge County and Wisconsin.
The marker is located on westbound Front Street / Business U.S. 151 / County Road G, west of its intersection with North Center Street / State Highway 33, / County Road W near 208 Front Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916.


Anonymous said...

See also this article which expands on the Douglas visit to Beaver Dam and states: "It is a certainty that the Underground Railroad ran through Beaver Dam and Dodge County."

Before Born's exchange with Johnson went from stupid to angry, he was actually tamping down his natural dickishness to share some sensible practical comments about how important it is for citizen contact with Joint Finance members regarding specific items in the budget. The governor's asks need to be backed up with constituent support - especially In These Times.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

I clicked the link which contains his candidate profile. When I read that his wife’s name is Liberty and his daughter’s name is Reagan, I thought it might actually be an Onion satire piece. What? No son named Limbaugh? I’m surprised he didn’t claim that his last name proves his pro-life credentials. Also, only in politics can you list membership in a church as a job qualification.

Regarding Born’s selective memory on Frederick Douglass, that’s par for the course with conservatives. Conveniently forget any fact that doesn’t serve your narrative. After all, January 6 was nothing more than a tourist visit, right?