Monday, May 3, 2021

WI GOP has remade WI into a human shooting range

The NRA and rightwing Republicans have whittled away gun safety in Wisconsin, so this headline about the multiple-shooting at a Brown County casino is not a surprise: 

Radisson gunman threatened former co-worker before deadly shooting but allowed by court to possess firearms

And remember that when asked in 2019 by the Governor to get serious about gun safety, the GOP-led Wisconsin Senate and Assembly adjourned without action - in seconds - 

because the only outcome these GOP 'leaders' cared about that day was making Evers their political casualty. 

Senate, Assembly adjourn special sessions on gun control immediately after they begin

And for context, I add below a Twitter posting by Wisconsin State Rep. Robyn Vining:

. included Universal Background Checks, and ERPO in his budget. The Wisconsin GOP announced late last week they plan to strip those provisions next Thursday. Approval ratings for these policies in Wisconsin are overwhelming.
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Shannon Watts
Wisconsin does not have:
Cross mark
Universal background checks
Cross mark
Gun owner licensing
Cross mark
Extreme risk protection orders
Cross mark
Assault weapon restrictions
Cross mark
Large capacity magazine ban
Cross mark
Waiting periods
Cross mark
Strong concealed carry law
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Open carry regulations

Furthermore, in the last 24 hours:

* A gun battle in a popular Milwaukee shopping area - video and sound of more than very rapid 300 shots.

* The Roundy's warehouse killings' case closed without a clear motive established.

* A larger mass causally shooting at Miller Brewing closed without a clear motive established

In other words, in Wisconsin, with so many commonsense gun safety measures eliminated to serve partisan special interests, angry or disturbed people (mostly males) can more easily gain the tools they need to leave a body count in plain view.



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Jake formerly of the LP said...

It is infuriating. GOPs truly do not care how many people get shot dead in this state as long as the NRA money and the weak-minded gun nuts help to keep them in power.

The only way this changes is when real Wisconsinites start giving the boot to these lowlifes. And all GOPs at the Capitol are complicit, so all must pay.

I am so sick of it.