Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wisconsin Making Progress Towards Alternative Energy Goals

A major wind farm moves closer to ground-breaking north of Madison, and its large potential moves the state closer to meeting the modest alternative/renewable energy goals established by the legislature and Gov. Doyle.

And also makes clear that the state can, as some legislators are suggesting, increase the percentage targets for the alternatives, thus making a real reduction in the state's burning of fossil fuels to generate power.

Wind power has its detractors - - ranging from naysayers who scoff at the entire notion to concerned neighbors with legitimate fears about negative effects.

So it's important for the state and the power companies to proceed with caution, but to to proceed, as coal-burning plants produce severe health and environmental consequences.

Furthermore, wind power provides green jobs in manufacturing and servicing, so the spinoff benefits abound.

I think within five years, wind turbine production and wind farm siting will be far less controversial and much more routine, so meeting more ambitious generation targets will simpler.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the PSC reduced the size of the project by up to 20% making it that much harder to build cleaner energy projects in Wisconsin.