Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great Scott! Walker's The Biggest Spender

Looks like Scott Walker will have a hard time running as anything but The Biggest Spender.

Hat tip, One Wisconsin Now (I sit on one of its boards, fyi).


jpk said...

Stop the press! The comparison's flawed. The time periods are not the same. The Barrett data looks at % change over 6 yrs, while the Walker data looks at % change over 8 yrs.

Walker's percentage increase is only 26% if you use the same six time periods used in the Barrett data.

Bad mistake.

Still, with a 26% increase, Walker shouldn't be claiming to be such a tightwad.

Sam said...

The "D'oh" heard 'round the State of Wisconsin.

James Rowen said...

One Wisconsin Now will be tweaking these numbers, along the line suggested by sharp-eyed jpk.

Here is the group's website, where a correction will be posted: