Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wind Turbine Industry Could Presage Milwaukee Green Cluster

Milwaukee is at the center of important business development opportunities that have a green basis - - Spanish high-speed train works, water innovation and now a wind-turbine complex.

The city needs to remain focused on these new energy opportunities because it has all the basics to take full advantage of a greener economy.


Matt said...

Even though that wind power isn't even close to providing power demand in any more than a supplemental basis to the existing grid, have at it Jim.

As long as they build these gigantic, noisy, eminent-domain utilizing windmills right on the middle of Lake Mendota, or right off of the shore of Lake Michigan for all of the Lexus Liberals in Shorewood to marvel at, I'm really fine with it.

James Rowen said...

What's wrong with a solid, jobs-producing supplement?

Anon Jim said...

Milwaukee is a cluster alright - have to give you that one.